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Reach your full potential by living the life you have always wanted—wealthier, healthier, more fulfilled and purposeful—whether it’s in your business, your relationship or just discovering who you were created to be. Build the team that you know will bring you results.  Cornieta Whitfield’s coaching program and training system will help you or your team reach exactly where you desire to be.

We have worked with Builders such as

What are some of our Builders saying? 

Jennifer Thomas, WCSU WLax Coach

"Finding Cornieta was fate! We were so lucky to have been able to work with her for the 2018-2019 academic year. We beat Keane state for the first time since 2005, best program start of 6-1 since 2010, the highest team GPA, made it to semifinals in our conference, and most recognized teams for personal goal achievements since working with Cornieta and her team at Speak Life"

"Thank you so much!! You give us so many tools to be successful"

Samantha Lawlors, WCSU Graduate

Who is ready to take their team to another level?

Need an organizational culture makeover? It's possible to have a team of high performers with the culture that supports their growth.
Want your team to perform at their optimal level? Whether it's winning championships or driving sales engagement is the key.
Are you a coach, company, small business, or faith-based organization who is ready to invest your people. Research says they are your greatest asset.
Are you looking for someone who is passionate, experienced, and have proven skills to help you achieve the goals for your team?

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