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Breakdthrough Coaching

Change Your Life and Those You Serve with Breakthrough Coaching 

Goals are at the heart of getting the desired outcome you set out to accomplish. However, setting goals are no longer enough to achieve the level of success that you crave. With everything demanding your attention, keeping up with your goals can be very difficult. Breakthrough Coaching will give you the tools, strategies, and techniques to help you focus on not just reaching your goals but reaping the longevity benefits of goal setting. This accountability and the community-oriented coaching program will give what you need to get the breakthrough that you desire. Cornieta A. Whitfield used these tools to help her achieve the level of success she has obtained today in business and life. If you have a desire to get a winning edge and desire a breakthrough in your life that will create longevity benefits, then coaching is for you

Launching August 2020

Why This Is For You...

Have you been setting goals after goals and find yourself not being able to meet them or maintain the success? 

Is this you? Start with a goal in mind and achieve it, but cannot get yourself to reap the longevity benefits? Start with a goal but just cannot keep up with the demands of the goal? Start with a goal but just can't get yourself to start it once it's written down? 

Then Breakthrough Coaching is for you. 

Benefits of Coaching

Find Clarity

Get clarity for your life. Understanding your purpose, how it will serve you and others

Become an effective leader

Get tools, strategies and techniques that will help you break through limitations and inspire others to serve better 

Take control of your life

Live the life you have dreamt by taking control of your life. Set goals that will bring you the results you need. 

Ready for your breakthrough?

Choose The Plan That Fits You! 

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