Two Steps Academy

"Discovering the wealth within"

TSA is a group online coaching program that is designed  for you to live the life you have always imagined.


Everyone desire to live in a place where they are not lacking nothing whether it's financial stability, a prosperous relationship, emotional stability or an abundance in happiness. You deserve to live a rich and fulfilling live. 

TSA is a 6 week program designed to help you with Identify Your Story at your own pace. You will go through Mental Detox which is the removal of everyone else opinion of you or label they have associated you with. And finish with courses on Live Your Best Life, which is strategizing to see how you can create wealth out of the thing that has been causing you pain, frustration or unhappiness.

We want to help you build the life of wealth that will bring you happiness, peace and prosperity

Based On Your Plan...

Weekly emails personally from Cornieta & Brandon

Private Facebook Community 

Phone call from Cornieta & Brandon to help strategized a plan for long lasting wealth

Discount on all priced Webinars, Courses and TSA Live Conference

TSA Curriculum 

  1. Introduction:

    1. Welcome

    2. Our Interruption Story

    3. Where Do You Fit?

    4. Facebook

  • TSAC1 Identifying Your Story

    1. Unit 1: Mental Detox

    2. Unit 2: Name That Thing

    3. Unit 3: Regaining control

  • TSAC2 Embracing Your Story

    1. Unit 1 The Opinion That Matters the Most

    2. Unit 2 What is your story?

    3. Unit 3 Embracing the story

  • TSA C3 Discovering Yourself

    1. Unit 1 Developing A Road Map

    2. Unit 2 Connecting With Others

    3. Unit 3 Clean Slate

  • TSAC4 Living Your Best Life

    1. Unit 1 The Courage To Jump

    2. Unit 2 The Outline

    3. Unit 3 Creating Wealth.

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