Discovering The Wealth Within

Two Steps Academy

"Discovering the wealth within"

Two Steps Academy


Two Steps Academy is an online community that is designed to help you discover the wealth within through our 4 stages of the Step Discovery. These stages will identify what is blocking your path to accessing wealth that can transcend every area of your life, whether it's in your relationships, career or lifestyle. 




What Membership to Two Steps Academy includes:


Two Steps Academy is an online community that is designed to help you discover the wealth within through our 4 stages of the Two Steps Discovery To Wealth. These stages will identify what is blocking your ability to access the wealth within. 

Access To All Courses

Over 30 practical courses taught by Brandon and Cornieta on the 4 Stage Method

Monthly Live Mastery Class

Exclusive sessions designed to help you create wealth in every area of your life. From relationship to finance and everything in between

Meet Other People

Access to private Facebook group, internal messaging platform

Monthly Live Q&A

Get the chance to ask Brandon & Cornieta your questions about every step of your process and get answers in real time.

Access To All Courses

Meet Other People

Giving You The Tools To Jump-Start Your Life


Two Steps Academy was designed with you in mind. Created for individuals ready to pursue the stated of wealth. This expansive community was designed to help you take back control of your life and happiness while giving you the tools to live the life you desire as a wealthy and wholesome individual. 


Key Focus Areas are 

Discovering the narrative you have been living by? 
Learn how to rewrite the narrative
Learning how to discover the wealth within 
Defining what wealth means to you

Build Your Tool Kit

Get All Your Questions Answered

Courses with step by step applicable instructions on how to discover the wealth within

Get direct access to Brandon and Cornieta as they answer all your questions about living in the stated of true happiness  and wealth

Build Community

Build a community with individuals all around the world who are walking the same journey you are on our private facebook platform

Founders Package

For only $30 a month, you'll learn how to discover your narrative, rewrite your narrative and discover wealth


30.00 monthly

Our Method: Two Steps Discovery Plan to Wealth 

TSA Curriculum 

  1. Introduction:

    1. Welcome

    2. Our Interruption Story

    3. Where Do You Fit?

    4. Facebook

  • TSAC1 Identifying Your Story

    1. Unit 1: Mental Detox​

    2. Unit 2: Name That Thing​

    3. Unit 3: Regaining control​

  • TSAC2 Embracing Your Story

    1. Unit 1 The opinion that matters the Most​

    2. Unit 2 What is your story?

    3. Unit 3 Embracing the story

  • TSA C3 Discovering Yourself

    1. Unit 1 Developing A Road Map

    2. Unit 2 Connecting With Others

    3. Unit 3 Clean Slate

  • TSAC4 Living Your Best Life

    1. Unit 1 The Courage To Jump

    2. Unit 2 The Outline

    3. Unit 3 Creating Wealth.

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