A proven Team Building Training program to increase performance in your staff or team

Leadership Training

 Take your team to the next level by investing in your leaders. Using a proven system that brings results, our team will teach your leaders how to win over their team and create a culture that increases performance

Personal Development, Leadership Development and Stewardship Development (PLS)

This three-part training is used to equip your leaders in the skills necessary to lead their team. Drawing experiences, from the faith-based world and Corporate America Cornieta has been equipping leaders to become better leaders in the workplace.

Growth is intentional. It is deliberately putting systems and structures in place to create that organizational culture that will help your team be successful. Every organization has a culture whether they are aware of it or not. Whether it’s established through intentional guidance or through subliminal tone of voices or perceived way of thinking-- it exists. Building a culture used to be something that was optional but today, if you want to succeed in an ever-evolving world, you need to make sure that you are intentionally building a culture that fosters connectivity, teamwork, or any of the core values that your company has put into place. 


The statistic shows that company culture impacts productivity and growth.


According to the Columbia University research, the company culture has a direct impact on the turn over rate of the organization. There is a 13% turn over rate of a company if it has high company culture and 48% rate if it has a low company culture 

We are ready to join force with you to make your goals achieveable

Leaders, what you have built already is meaningful. You were smart enough to build that team and should be proud of that. We are only here to help enhance what you are building. 

The relationship between your team and their leader is crucial to the growth of your organization

Who do we serve? 




Thought Leaders


If you lead people in any capacity, then you are a Builder we want to work with!

"We are not here to insult your investment"

-Brandon Whitfield

So What are we here to do?

Teach you how to win over your team using principles such as  the Sowing Principle, Servanthood Principle and more

Teach you how to lead with confidence, passion and purpose

Teach you how to create a culture to increase performance among your team

Teach you effective team building skills such as communication, conflict resolution and more

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