2020 Emotional Health Goals

I Need Some Air.

Have you ever walked into a room that felt stuffy. Like someone has not opened up the windows since 1995. The air feels thick. It feels like you cannot breath? It feels stale.

And all you can think is, I need some air.

When air is trapped between the four walls of a room, confinded and unable to move, it begins to grow baterial that causes the air to no longer have it's freshness. It becomes stale. It becomes toxic to all living thing in it's surrounding, even you. It is toxic to your health.

Well, our emotions is like the air. It needs to be in an environment where it can be expressed without being confinded to just thoughts that will eventually drive you crazy. Our emotions are meant to gives us indications as to when something needs to be fixed.

For example, if you are feeling uneasy about this new relationship with a person but you cant put your hands on it. Do not confine that feeling to "oh that's just me being fearful". Take a moment and unpack why you feel that emotion of fear. If you have to voice your opinion do so if you feel safe, but if you dont, pack your bags and walk away. You will thank me later.

Stuffing our emotions in a box to satisfy others will not solve the problem. Dimming down how we feel just to make someone happy will not help you reach the state of happiness that you desire. Holding in how you feel will only become toxic to your health.

What happens when you hold in your emotions?

* Increase blood pressure

*Increase risk of cardiovascular disease

*Increase stress

*Increase headaches and migraines

*Increase in digestive issues

As you go into 2020 make it your goal to get some air. Make it your priority that you will not shut down your emotions but you will acknowledge them, whenever they show up and however they show up. Make it priority to invest in your emotional health. Make it a priority to remove yourself from the things and people who are causing your air to be stuffy and toxic to your health or wellbeing.

How To Apply "I Need Some Air Approach"?

1. Have you been feeling sad lately but cant put your finger on it.

Suggestion: Take some me time to assess why you feel that way or see a therapist

2. You feel angry every time you are around a certain person.

Suggestion: Take a moment and think about who that person is and why they make you feel that way. Remove yourself until you have a clear understanding.

3. Feeling frustrated with your job.

Suggestion: Take a moment and look at your goals. Maybe you are not walking in your purpose or maybe you need to make some adjustment.

3. Feeling like you dont love your spouse anymore

Suggestion: Talk to your spouse about how you are feeling. It can be fixable.

It is proven that people who are emotionally healthy, which are people who are aware of how they are feeling, are more in control of their feelings, thoughts and life. Whether you take up meditation, yoga, start praying or seeing a therapist, just make 2020 the year that you start taking your emotional health seriously.

When you need some air, acknowledge it and deal with it. It's time to live in a state of true happiness and joy, and it will start with getting your emotions inline with the life you want. You were created to be a Joy Carrier, living life the way you were designed to live it, free and happy. So start today!

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