3 Ways To Know You Are Being Empathetic

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Empathy The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Hey Joy Carriers! This week I want to share with you guys 3 tips on how to show empathy when you meet someone. Whether you have experienced what the other person is experiencing or just a bystanding I want to help you share the greatest gift in the world---Empathy.

One of the hardest things in the world is to move forward after a loss. Whether the person is someone that we admire, could not stand or have never met, a loss reaches to an area of the heart that sometimes seem sacred. It is as if it is an unforbidden place to go. Why? Because no one really wants to feel those emotions that makes them feel out of control. Because if we really want to be frank, we cannot control life or death as much as we want to or think we can. And when we cannot control something it makes us feel vulnerable.

However, the greatest gift you can give someone who is feeling out of control is the gift of empathy. You don’t have to know how the exact pain feel but as long as you understand how pain feels then you are qualified to place yourself in that person’s shoes. Empathy is not sympathy. No one wants your pity. But they do want your ability to show true and authentic kindness in your heart and understanding towards there circumstances.

Here are three tips that you are operating in empathy and not sympathy

1. Be a great listener. It is easy to offer your advice because you really want to help. As humans, especially woman, we want to nurture, fix and help everyone we come in contact with. However, sometimes people are just looking for someone who they can talk to. Someone they can let out all the emotions they are feeling without being judged for having them. They are not looking for a list of things to do to do it like you.

2. Be Present. Someone who is being empathic is present to conversation or circumstance. It’s easy to talk about the future and the past but it’s very hard to acknowledge the present. Don’t let your mind be consumed by all the things you want to say or have to do but be present. When you are present not only are you saying to them that they matter but you are leaving yourself open to not miss something important that the person is saying.

3. Be openminded. Everyone does not deal with grief, pain, or disappointments the way that we do. Not everyone has a best friend to call, prays nightly or even mediate. Some people have no clue how to deal with grief. Some people have no idea how to take the first step towards the healing process so do not judge them for the viewpoint they have developed. Not only is it rude to tell someone they are wrong, but it damages the other person’s ability to open up to anyone else after they have encounter you.

Your ability to show empathy will go along way you helping someone push pass their pain into their purpose. We don’t realize how much influence we have on individuals. There are people who go on to become world changers because they came in contact with one person that changed their live forever. You don’t know, that could just be you. So instead of being judgmental and showing sympathy, learn how to master the power of empathy. The gift of understanding that keeps on giving.

See Yall Next Week!

Go change the world!


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