Are You Using the Wrong Feedback Tecnique?

Today, feedback is so important. Any time you buy a product or receive a service customer service is sending you an email or text asking you for feedback. They are not asking to be a nuisance but because they want to know how they can perform better and how they can serve you better. It's one way to gauge their success in serving you.

Everyone wants a successful team no matter where you are on the leadership ladder. Whether you are in managerial position with a few people or a coach over a team of 30 athletes, success is still your end goal.

The increase in performance helps to gauge the growth of your team, get a feel of how passionate your team is about serving your organization or even the projected growth of the organization because of their engagement.

But increase performance comes with direction.

A leader that is not giving their team the right feedback is missing out on the opportunity to increase growth. Feedback is a development tool that can help leaders strategize on how to effectively build up their team. It is an art that can be crafted to help aid an environment that drives growth, connectivity, and engagement.

Feedback directs the behavior of the staff, employees and team, but the right feedback technique is important if you want the outcome you desire.

As a leader, if you want to develop your team you have to first increase your knowledge ion the new and more effective ways of helping your team to grow. So if you are anything like me who use to use the Sandwich Feedback.

STOP IT! Go back to your filing cabinet and remove all the old information on Sandwich Feedback and start to implement this new way of increasing performance on your team.

The Sandwich Feedback

For the leaders who are unsure if they have been using the Sandwich Feedback, here it is. The Sandwich Feedback a method that consist of praise, followed by corrective criticism, and followed by praise again. This is as technique is often used in school systems to help correct the behavior of a student, but we do see it in other areas such as the workplace. It’s the first technique that most leaders learn but it’s not the most effective.

The pro is that it’s a quick technique to implement. Everyone loves praise and we love giving it. However, the con outweighs the pro. The major issue with this technique is that the praised is undermined because of the criticism that is followed behind it. And the positive praise at the end weakens the corrective feedback that was stated in between. Therefore, you spent the last 10-15 mins going in a circle and undermining all that you said. And now you are having a hard time figuring out why your team is not getting it.

But the next time you have a behavior that needs to be corrected try this technique…

Situation-Behavior-Impact Feedback Tool

The goal of any feedback is to point the team member to how their behavior impact the organization and their team. It’s not about trying to make the person feel good, but it’s about redirecting their behavior.

The Situation-Behavior-Impact Feedback Tool states that the leader assess the situation and brings it to the attention of the person or persons involved. The leader only takes exact note of the behavior that was expressed . The goal is not to add any extra information or assume any information, but only note the behavior that was acted out. Then the leader speaks to the team member (s) about how the situation that took place, how they behaved and their behavioral impact on the company as a whole. People’s behavior are more likely to change when they see that their impact has a greater effect than just themself.

If you want real outcome or increase performance learn to use the correct feedback tool or technique that will bring about that results

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