Building People Vs. Using People

"Learning how to build people can be taught" -Cornieta A. Whitfield

So it’s been some time and you are ready to get back on the job hunting scene. Two top companies you desire to work with are hiring. You have been working on your resume, even saw a professional. It’s interview day and you are excited. However, when you walked into the organization you noticed some commotion. Puzzled at what happened you see the boss laying it into another worker. Not sure what the person did you continue to walk towards HR

How often do we see this in the workplace? Too many times. As the leader, we are challenged to not allow any corrupt communication come out of our mouth. But when we speak to others it is to edify them and speak in a way that grace is applied. It is not hard to grace your tone when you believe that you specialize in people.

Building people is a skill as much as it is a character teller. People can size you up getting a clear feeling of how you will treat them today and going forward.

There is a noticeable difference in the culture of an organization that builds people and an organization that uses people.

An organization that builds people sees them as a valuable asset. They spend time helping them increase in personal and professional development. The servant leadership that is exemplified creates a sense of community.

However, when an organization is using you, treating you like replaceable raw material, it is equally noticeable. There is a sense of fear that is embedded in the culture that has nothing to do with reverence or respect. The controlling leadership decreases autonomy in the workers.

If we think back to the example given above. Do you think the potential hiree will take the job if offered? Tell us what you think below or through email.

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