Collabortive Dream Sessions

Don't just invite them, include them.

There are many individuals who have paved the way before us. We may be a pioneer in our families, town or even circle but there is always someone who has done something close to what you are doing. Find them, research them and learn from them. You don’t have to do it exactly like them. Matter a fact, I would highly suggest that you don’t because the world needs what is in you. But As leaders you have to have someone who can pour back into you. You are always in a place where you are giving of yourself but have no one who is pouring back into you. It doesn’t have to be a physical person who you see daily. However, it could be an author, a speaker or anyone who has materials that can help you enhance what you are trying to do

There is excellent communicator name Sam Chan who specializes in leadership in the marketplace and ministry who I glean from. While reading one of his books called Bigger, Faster, Leadership he mentioned this technique tthat has really helped our team and we wanted to share it with you.

As leaders you want to invite your team to dream together. Pull them in on the new ideas, projects or issues you need to solve in the company. Make them feel like they are apart of the process and not just there to fill a position. Use them. Make them feel important. It’s as simple as calling a Dream Session. Having several meetings where the leader pitch their idea, invite the team to dream for several sessions before they even start to make plans or implement the idea.

Who doesn’t like to dream?

Here are some ways that Collaborative Dream Sessions can benefit your team:

1. Create excitement on your team

2. Increase staff retention

3. Give value to your team

4. Make you look like the best leader ever

5. Increase ideas

6. Increase productivity and performoance

7. Increase diversity and inclusivity

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