Modeling Joy is Here!

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Life just got a little better--- we are adding some joy to your life with our weekly blog.

Welcome Joy Carriers, thank you so much for taking the time to learn how you can Model Joy. Cornieta looks forward to walking out how you can either discover the joy you never knew or find the joy you lost to help you overcome any situation.

Cornieta believes that joy is the key ingredient to help individuals push through their pain and obtain their promise.

I know you are probably wondering, what is Modeling Joy? I am excited about the journey but what will the journey entail? Can I benefit from this blog.

Well the answer is yes, you can benefit from the blog. Whether you are reading it for yourself or learning the information so that you can help a spouse, friend or family member.

Who are Joy Carriers

Everyone has the potential to become carriers of joy. The first step is wanting a life that embodies more than pain, hurt, disappointments and the list can go on. Cornieta who is a Twin Miscarriage Survivor, understands what it feels to have the very thing you have hoped and dreamt of being ripped from your life in just a moments. That pain of not having your dream come to pass can create a place of sadness, depression, hurt and no desire to push forward in your life or marriage. Cornieta will share with you how to define joy, obtain joy and live in a place of joy. _ Modeling joy is a weekly blog that will cater to women and couples who have suffered a lost— love one or a dream— and want to know how do I find joy in my situation? How do I learn to dream again? How do I live? How do I turn to my spouse with love again? _ If this is you or you know someone who will benefit from this weekly blog subscribe to our page at _ Tag someone who needs to be inspired!


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