Fight For Your Marriage

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Perception is the key to understanding the battle

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"One of the hardest thing to do is fight for something you can not see".

What do I mean?

When you say I do at the alter. In most cases, you have known this person for some time. Some of you are high school sweet hearts while others met randomly because God is unique like that. You have went on dates. You have laughed. You have cried together. At this point, you are confident in your heart and mind that this is the one who you want to spend the rest of your life with.

I know that was me. When I met my husband I was like "who is this God fearing man that walks with such confidence and power?" I was singing the Campbell Chicken Noodle Soup song like "ummm, good". I was like someone needs to get me his number because I want him in my life. Some of you guys don't know, but I met my husband at my father's church in May 2014. He was the speaker for our 3 night revival, which is a service that you bring in an outside speaker to bring fresh material to the congregation.

And girl let me tell you, i was feeling revived after night three.

But over time I got to know him. I came to understand him. I came to love him beyond his outer appearance, even though his outer appears was "fine". But it's more than that, and you have to understand that because there is a time that will come where you will not be able to see him clearly.

"Transition will cause you to lose sight of what's in front of you if you did not take the time to know it before the transition came"

Fighting for my marriage wasn't even a second thought.

I understood that the pain was unbearable, but who better to help me through it than the one person who knows me. The person who sees me. Who gets me.

Blaming him wasn't even an option or a thought.

I saw him.

I saw his heart towards me.

I saw his sensitivity to my pain.

I saw him.

Joy allowed me to not blur the line between the fight and transition.

Between pain and hope.

Between the now and the later.

As we began to think about how we made each other feel. As we talked about how we love each other. As we caress each others emotional ego, sparks of joy begin to increase in our heart. The feeling of the joy, and knowing that we haven't lost each other begin to spark hope for our future.

In that moment we realize that JOY is a feeling as much as decision

You can only fight for something you can see, if you know the bigger picture. If you can see in your heart, and make up in your mind that there is more to this current set back, then together you can not only fight for your future, but fight for each other.

Perception is everything if you want to win the battle.

Today I stand victorious in my marriage because of a three letter word....


"Allow Joy to teach you how to fight through the transition"

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