How To Measure Effectiveness

"Remove the barriers to growth"

You are not the only who gets frustrated because they are not seeing growth. If you are in a relationship, building a business, starting a project or running a team this is a real issue.

Recently our team was getting really frustrated with our company Instagram. Even though we felt like the content was good, there was a lack in engagement. We had the message but conveying to our audience was increasingly becoming difficult. our team sat down and tried to figure out what the issue was.

As the CEO and the product of the company it can becoming frustrating when you feel like you are not reaching the audience you want. Growth margin on social media are likes, shares, and comments that leads to followers. But most people wont follow you if they don’t feel you are not consistent in the message you are sharing. They will not buy your product if they feel they cannot trust you.

Which makes complete sense. It’s the same thing when it comes to our lives, business and faith-based organizations.

So we went back to drawing board and really thought about why our company had an instragram. What were we trying to trying to say? What was the purpose of it?

After some digging we started to look at our analysis. And we started noticing a trend in some of the post that we posted. We notice that it wasnt about posting a nice picture but it was about pointing our audience to what we had to offer. After assessing the analysis we decided to try duplicating that type of theme, message and style of communication. We notice the increase in interation, shares, likes etc. So we did it again. And we did it again. And we did it again. And the response kept going up and up.

We learned the solution of "Hitting The Button". It's the duplication method that increases connection, visibility and sales.

Trust me when I say your spouse and kids already knew this tactic. That is the reason why you are running around like a chicken with their head missing because they have found your BUTTON.

What is the one thing that you are doing in your organization that gave you some feedback that you have been ignoring? Reality is we know what will keep them coming back to our worship centers, business, or to buy our products. We know how to get the team to perform. Just learn how to track what works and then hit it until it stops producting what it promised you.

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