How To Win People Over?

Using The Principle of Servanthood to Get Results

Every day we interact with people. Whether it’s on a personal level or business level the center focus remains the same. We all want to know the value of our space. It’s important to people to feel a connection when they come in contact with another individual.

We were created with the hardware to make meaningful connections. So, as we go through our day, meeting individuals or working with our team, we are storing in our mind how people treat us. It’s just as easy to remember the individual that made you feel less than important as it is to remember the person who validated your presence.

When a person feels connected there is a sense of belonging that makes their chest rise.

I belong here.

A person who is connected to a larger vision will go above and beyond to make it happen. This is true to those who are in a relationship. Understanding the mission or vision for your relationships keeps those who are involved more engaged in growing together. It’s not different on a team. Members of team are people. When people are connected to mission of the company, there feel like they are apart of a larger picture. It’s becomes a partnership.

Winning people over is not about manipulation. Reality is we cannot control anyone. People, who are free willed creatures, have the ability to make choices that best fit their life.

Manipulating people will seems as if it’s productive and working at times, but eventually the fruit you see in obedience will eventually stop bearing. You can only try to control people for so long before they start to break through the ground of oppression and begin to thrive beyond our imagination. That is the example of human will.

Paul, a great entrepreneur and spiritual leader, said in a nutshell, “you have to become them to win them”.

Even he understood that it's hard to lead people who you do not know. Leading someone or being connected to someone is more than just knowing their name. It's understanding what motivates them, it's understanding what drives them, and it's understanding who they are. Surface leadership is nolonger acceptable if you want your team to produce, you have to go deeper in understanding their purpose in life and how it contributes to your company.

Winning people over is all about servanthood. It’s removing your titles or arrogance and operating in the simple principle of servanthood. Servanthood is little choosing to make the person who you are talking to, leading, or interacting more valuable then yourself.

It’s about being humble.

Being humble or a servant does not mean you do not understand the value of your position as a leader or lack confidence in your value as a person. It means that you have chosen to not see that as the most important thing when interacting with others. You have chosen to actively take the glory off yourself and place it on validating, giving appraisal or showing appreciation to the other person.

Human capital is the most vital asset to a business, team or relationship. When we as people can understand this one statement, then we are on our way to winning people over.

Winning people over is not about trying to get them to do what you want them to do but it’s about getting them to perform at a level that they have not achieved before. Teach them how to grow but showing others how to grow. When you serve others, they will have no problem turning around and serving you.

Life is a give a take. It is an equal investment. When you invest in people, people will invest in you.


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