I Made Up My Mind

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Reaping the benefits of walking in Joy

Cornieta outside her church

Hello Joy Carriers!

Welcome to another week of Modeling JOY! Today I am praying that you take one more step with me and learn how to reap the benefits of walking in Joy.

There comes a point in your life where you have to decide if your life is worth living out.

You have to make that decision if you are valuable enough to this world. You have to come to the conclusion that what is in you-- your God given purpose-- is just not wanted but necessary to the life of others.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the pain that is filling your heart space. This pain will force you into a corner of feeling devalued. It will derail you from graving to discover the hidden gifts inside you. There are so many people that needs the victorious you. You see even if you ended up a motivational speaker like me, there is a set of sheep that only knows your voice. They respond to your story because God created you to know just how to speak to them. Only you can be you. Only YOU can do that. You just have to make the jump and make up your mind to embrace Joy.

Joy is the posture of your heart.

Lets make it a little practical.

A person who slouches over eventually suffers from back aches and alignment issues, so does the person who slouches in their inner spirit. If you are always sad, feeling low then that gives way for depression and suicidal thoughts. However, when you stand up, and correct your posture it allows you to walk correctly and with confidence.

The posture of your heart is the same. It's your inner attitude. It's your ability to see the good even in the not so good. It's your attitude towards life, even when today is not the best. This posture will cause you to be able to overcome obstacles because you are able to see the bigger picture.

That is one of the greatest benefit of JOY!

It helps you to learn to master the ability to push forward.


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