It's My Joy, And I Want It Now.

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

"Reaching for the more that I deserve"

Hello Joy Carriers,

You are among the founding moments of this movement called Modeling Joy! In my world we are all internally-known super stars! And trust me if you don’t feel it yet; just stick around. Before you know it Joy will just overtake you and you are looking around like “who is that girl”.

On this journey you will get to know me very well. I want to not just take you on a ride on how to live the best days of your life in a place of true contentment no matter what craziness is happening around you. But I want to create a community of Joy Carriers who don’t mind being contagious in a world that is lacking that inner peace, love, faith, hope and JOY!

| " Have you ever felt this gut gripping feeling that there is more to your life? "

That the unwavering pain of your past is not all that there is to who you are? That you were created for more than just to suffer from the pain of your past?

Oh, good. Whee! I thought I was the only one who saw you walking in total freedom of your past.

Now that we are on the same page lets dig in! What pain in this world is worth holding on to? None.

Listen I know what it feels like:

1. To have someone talk about you while they are secretly admiring you

2. Call you outside you God given which is never right

3. Say you are “ugly” when they don’t know the first thing about being beautiful

4. Lost a child when you were hoping to feel all the perks of being a mommy

5. Have friends walk out of your life because they couldn’t handle your growth

I have been there.

But you cannot let that be the GPS that directs your future. There is much more that lies beyond your pain. How do I Know? Because I am living beyond the pain.

After suffering a Twin Miscarriage I could have sat and wallow in my pain. I had every right to. To be honest, it would have felt really good while I was in that state. The pain was so unbearable that the thought of moving hurt. Mind you, I had not made up in my mind as yet that I was going to take the steps necessary towards healing, but just the thought of it---hurt.

| "You probably catch yourself day dreaming of pursuing purposeful happiness."

Not that happiness that you seek to mask what you are going through. But the real happiness. Happiness that you sought to create in your own life that will bring rich additional wealth to your life.

You probably catch your self soaring the clouds of hope. Floating on the thoughts of true love. Where laughter came with ease. And being yourself was not just wanted but welcomed into the tailor-made arms of acceptance.

Day Dreaming.

But what if I told you that not only is there more for your life, but that God intended that you have more. Your more-- self love, peace, hope, a better life, a thriving marriage-- is ready for you to take. Your more is waiting on you. If you take the step towards healing by creating a space for joy your tailor-made and purposefully designed more can be yours.

Not tomorrow, but TODAY.

Ok, Yall. See you next week.

With Love,

Cornieta A. Whitfield


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