Personal Development for Faith-based Organizations

Growth for 2020!

So 2020 is right around the corner and you have some great plans in place for your organization to grow. As your board or planning team sits around the table ideas are flying on how to get more people in the room, what programs to put on the calendar and what community events to participate in. However, no one has thought about the team who is sitting at the table. Week after week, month after month they are being challenged by the organization to come up with ways to keep the organization running. They are expected to invest their time, skills and ideas to help the business flow with no gliche.

Growth is not measured by the number of people you are able to get in the room, but it is measured by the strength and numbers of the people who are in leadership. Those are the people who are on your core team, planning team, and board who are investing in the organization daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. If you can increase their growth by investing into them then the growth of the organization as a whole is inevitable.

So how will you get this growth? PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.

Personal development is investing in yourself. It's a lifelong process of taking steps to improveing who you are. A person who is able to develop a personal vision for their life experiences increases happiness and self-motivation. It is also gives the person a sense of direction. Individuals who are happier or content with their life are more likely to invest in your organization wholeheartedly.

As a company, it may not seem like it is important to invest in your employees, or volunteers at that level but it vital to the growth of your company. This is a company that is often missing in small or large faith-based organization because emphasis is placed on the spirituality and not the person as a whole. Whether the employee is hired or a volunteer, personal development needs to be apart of the culture of the organization.

Creating opportunites that can improve your team's spiritually, physically and mentally are as simple as creating vision board parties, workshops on how to master your emotions, asking your employees what they need and want to help them achieve their goals, providing a mentorship program, or creating a culture of learning to help master their skills. These are all ways that you can increase personal development on your team.

When a person applies for a job, they are looking for an experience far beyond a paycheck. They are looking for opportunities that they can grow and become a better person while working for you. If that is not present, you will have one or two things: 1. a person who gives you minimal work because they are working for the paycheck while making moves to transition out of your organization or 2. a person who will become a distraction because of their lack of desire to be present; therefore, becoming posionous for the team a a whole.

So as 2020 is approach, think less about how many people you can get in the room and think about how you can invest in the ones who is already at the table. It's easy to think that because you are working for a faith-based organization that spiritually is all you need to do the work that is asked of you. However, growth is longlasting when the person is developed spiritually, mentally and physically.

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