Rise To The Expectation

How do you maintain performance in the midst of transition?


Individuals are expected to meet the level of commitment or engagement from everything around them including their managers, supervisors and leaders. It can become overwhelming to meet the level of expectation of the job as well as off the job. You have single mothers, working mothers, veterans, newly hired, seasoned employees all in one place. The expectation is there and is required to be fulfilled by everyone. But it all starts with you.

The healthy expectation that are anticipated from your staff first starts with you, as the leader, having a healthy mindset towards what is possible in the moment.

Expectations should not be consequential of what is changing in the environment. It is possible that things may change due to economic changes and even technological changes, but it should not be the sole reason as to why you are demanding your team to perform. Change is inevitable. The greatest leaders are leaders who are able to push through in the midst of change. Leaders who are able to navigate through transitions are the ones who are able to bring their team to a win every time.

Just like a house that will remain intact for years the foundation must be built. It is the same thing for your team. For your team to maintain performance during transition the foundation of the culture must be built in advance.

There is a way to build your team that will maximize their skills and increase commitment during transition. Build a team with these elements:

1. Level of commitment to the vision

2. Skill set of your team that correlates to the mission

3. The team understanding the mission and the vision

4. Taking ownership of their position in the growth of the company

5. A team culture that fosters trust and creativity

Building a team that has foundation that connects to the overall vision will not only increase performance but maintain it in the midst of transition.

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