Self-Care Tips for the Black Community

That it's! Keep going! Don't stop!

Have you heard those words before? Whether you are in a competition, starting a new venture or taking on the injustice of inequality these words are flying at you.

Your adrenaline is flowing. Your heart is pumping. You are fully engaged. And there is no way that you can stop now. Not when everything is going so well. Not when we just got started. Not when we have not made a dent in the mission ahead.

But how long can you be fully engaged before you become weary in your well doing?

We have all been guilty of being fully engaged. We have all been guilty of going and never stopping to take a moment for ourselves. Running on empty we forget to full up our tank of self-care.

Here are a few tips on how you can refill your tank while you change history

#1 Breathe

Its important that you take a moment to breathe. Stop for a moment and literally breathe. Feel your chest rising as you take a deep breath in and release it. Feel every anger, pain, misunderstanding, and fear being released and receive the possibility of change

#2 Take A Break

If you consume yourself to exhaustion it will hinder your ability to show up for your family, community and yourself

Here are some suggestions:

1. Take time off of work if you need to and can

2. Take a break from SOCIAL MEDIA and the NEWS

3. Take some time for yourself such as going for walk, take a bath, read a book, etc

4. Seek the help of a therapist or coach if you need help processing the information

#3 Tap Into Your Spiritual Strength

You will need strength to fight until the end. How will your strength show up for you? Knowing where your strength comes from is vital so you can pull from it when you become empty, weary or disheartened.

Places you can draw strength from:


A universal tool that we all can use to increase our strength through spiritual empowerment


A universal tool that can help you focus on the positive outcome

Self care is not selfish, it's being smart.

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