Struggling With Making Friends

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

How To Create Lasting Relationships

Joy Carriers! Are you ready for this weeks blog! I think it is going to help you move forward in making lasting relationships!

Lets start off with a helpful qoute from the book that I will be recommending!

Dr. King replied, “I judge people by their own principles not by my own” – Dale Carnegie

Ok, now that you have thought about that. Lets grow!

When we are going through any transition in our life it’s always hard to see the other person’s point of view. It’s hard to take into consideration of their view point.

Why? Because I am hurting.

It is not selfish to concentrate on pulling yourself together. Society has beat this concept in our mind that taking care of our self is selfish. I can conceive how society could think that is a selfish move when the only way for the world to continue to move forward is through unselfish acts of kindness and desire to help the economy grow.

But can you imagine how much more effective you would be. How diplomatic you could be towards others, whether you know them or not, if you were practicing personal development; which requires you to be a little into yourself.

And I’m not talking about that that into yourself where you are in the mirror all day saying “girl you look good!” “man, you so fine!” Even though, sometimes we all need to find a mirror and remind ourself who we are and who we were created to be. I am not talking about that type of into yourself.

But that “into yourself” that will cause you to seek out how you could change concepts, ideas, philosophies that you have accumulated over time while being unconscious of how it will affects you. Being intentional about the person who you want to be and want others to see you as.

Modeling Joy is a constant journey of bettering yourself. It’s understanding that you are continuously evolving and any opportunity that you fail to put yourself first is a strike against your development.

Recently I decided that there were some things I wanted to change about myself. I wanted to learn how to be more friendly, I wanted to learn how to influence those around me with my change in living, I wanted to be better. I wanted to continue to remove the residue of pain that the loss had caused in my heart so that I can always see the other person’s point of view. I wanted to learn how to not offend others by viewing their point of view as wrong because it did not match mine. I wanted to deconstruct how I was taught concerning friendships and relationships. I wanted to build a new philosophy that would be inclusive.

And I could not imagine growing and not let you in on a good thing!

Pain has a way of clouding our judgement. And unless we are intentional of always putting pain in it’s place it can creep up and send you mix signals that will cause you your friendships and relationships with other. Our relationships are what challenges us to grow but if we allow our hurt, disappointment or pain distract us it will stunt our ability to reach our full potential.

And I don’t know about you. But I do not want to see you living thing less than your best. So I have recommended this book that I am reading that is so good. And I hope you get a change to read it!


How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Amazon $6. 99 Paperback

Link: <iframe style="width:120px;height:240px;" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" src="//">


Ok Yall!

It's that time again! I dont like ending our time together but until next time!

Cornieta Whitfield


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