The Broken Dream

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Letting go of the disappointment of a broken dream

Hey Joy Carriers! This week I want to get a little personal with you.

Someone once asked me “how we’re you able to get over the twins?” I wouldn’t really say I got over them like they were a bad break up or a bad taste in my mouth. They were a dream. They didn’t represent a title that I would receive that would make me important, but it was deeper. They represented a dream. And if you are anything like me— a heavy day and night dreamer. Someone who is always thinking about the possibilities. The type of person who is putting a pen to a paper daily to write a goal while making plans to see it to fruition. A person who is a dreamer fixates on the dream. The idea of having what you have desired for years is a great satisfaction. When that dream doesn’t come to pass, it is devastating. So how do you recover from a failed dream? Through Joy. It’s on the road of restoration that you will discover joy. As you posture your heart in a place to understand your situation the revelation of the story begins to unravel. It’s in that place that you will discover joy. And it’s in that place that you will find healing for your broken dream. Spiritual development is vital in your ability to grasps the concept of authentic joy-- understanding in your heart that there is something to learn from this obstacle which decrease your chance of harboring bitterness in your heart.

It is OK to be disappointed about the dream not coming to pass.

But then a some point you have to determine if the failure of that one dream will cause you to never dream again. If I had decided that having the twins was the biggest dream I could ever had, I would have been in trouble. In order for me to push past the disappointment of the broken dream I had to believe that I was created with many dreams.

Sometimes it's hard to dream again because you had wrapped your identity in that one project, relationship, or plan. But if you can understand that you are a well of springing waters that is flowing with dreams that hasn't even been discovered yet. Then you will be able to deal with the broken dream.

You are not broken, the dream just failed.

Dream Again and become the Joy Carrier you were meant to be!

Cornieta Whitfield


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