Three Tips On How To Get Out Your Funk

Have you ever tried to google funk? Unless you want to remain in this century and not feel compelled to go buy you a pair of bell bottom jeans then I suggest you keep it moving. Even though, I must say I still remember my bell bottom jeans. Oh, girl I thought I was fly.

Funk. Who came up with that?

What does it even mean to “be in a funk”. That was a word I never heard of until I came to America. It’s amazing how different cultures have different standards, way of living and even how they say things. It is not superior to another culture, just different. Sometimes I feel if we could learn to embrace the different seasons that come into our lives life would be a little easier to navigate.

Life is not a bowl of oatmeal every morning. No. It's like oatmeal today. scramble eggs tomorrow. And maybe I forgot to eat breakfast the next day. In other words, it's always changing.

Funk. Funk is the state of depression. You know that dark place that unexpected or expected circumstances can take us sometimes. It’s that place where the darkness lies to us and tells us that we have no one, we are not worth living or even that hope is never going to manifest itself into happiness. Yes. That good ole funk. If you listen to it, it will detour you from your purpose. Depression is such a serious matter that often times we take lightly and a dear subject to my heart. Mental health is a serious topic that we don’t really address as much. No one wants to touch the subject because we are afraid that others will think we have it. But whether you have suffered with clinical depression where you need medication or slight depression where you are just feeling “in a funk”. It is something that we should be paying attention to.

You can spot funk a mile away. If you don't feel like doing the things you love. If you start embracing seclusion. That’s funk. If you feel an urgency to cry but don’t know why or if you dont feel like living. Yep, that’s funk alright. When I think of depression I think of a decrease in expression. You were created with unique abilities, talents and ideas that can only be expressed by you and through you. When one is depressed it decreases how one vibrantly express themselves. In this, the world misses out on one of the greatest opportunity to experience and receive your gift. We all have been in a place where we are just feeling down right funky. We don’t want to talk to anyone. We don’t want to be bothered. We are just trying to figure out this new road that just popped up in our life. I only hope that as you are traveling on that road that you do not forget that there is purpose in you, so you can’t get loss on the road of funk.

So I am going to give you THREE tips I use when I just cant shake that funk off.

1. Laugh- laughter really is good for the soul. I find something that is funny. And I laugh. I laugh. I laugh. Until I cannot laugh anymore. And if I cannot find something, I just laugh out loud until it becomes funny. When you are doing this feel the joy that is creeping in your heart. You might want to do this in a private place because people might think it strange.

2. Mirror Motivation- I love this one. I find myself a mirror and start telling myself all the great things I did. The great person I am. I even tell myself the great things I am going to do. I keep repeating it until I believe it. Because we all know, if you tell yourself something long enough you will start to believe it.

3. Stress Test- This is not your average stress test where the doctor puts on the monitors to see the activity of your heart. But it does monitor the increase in happy hormones. Find some kind of exercise— boxing, running, lifting, Zumba— and go hard for 30-45 minutes. It is proven that the body release endorphins during increased intensity workouts. These hormones are great in pumping some happy juice back into you life. Now don't expect to be on cloud euphoria but it will help you think better, and feel better. Hey just know you are not the only one. We have all been there. And guess what, we are rooting for you!

Your friends and Joy Carrier,

Cornieta Whitfield.


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