Three Types of Builders

Every builder is not the same.

As a leader, we are all trying to build something. Some are focused on building high performing teams while others are focused on building a legacy. However, at the heart of our pursuit our building process should include building others into the leaders.

It’s faulty to think that every person who sets out to build a team whether it’s at a church, corporation or on a sport team will use the same formula, same skills or same outline. The person who builds a house needs different materials, skills and workers than the person whose job is to build a new highway. Both are considered builders. Both are visionaries. Both are in need of the proper skills to make it happen and to ensure that success is indefinite.

The vision that will soon occupy the hearts of every person you will draft to follow you will take more than just simple direction. It will take a great leader to build the infrastructure, systems and structures, to make that vision a reality. There are many types of builder that surrounds us; however, we are well aware of those builders who are effective, efficient and an exceptional. These leaders are not categorized by their skills as much as they are characterized by their ability to create other leaders on their team.

Lets take a look at the three types of builders we want to draw attention to.

1. Face to Face Builder

A Face-to-Face Builder values communication. They value two-way communication also known as open communication. They understand that there is information that you can gather from a close proximity conversation that is hard to obtain in a distance communication. Open communication is necessary to gauge the temperature of your team. It’s treating your team with the respect that is needed for them to grow. When you allow your team to have a voice by having open communication with your team you put them in an empowering position.

What does this look like?

· You can set up weekly, bi-weekly or monthly meetings to ask them their opinion on major projects

· You can leave a Jar of Suggestions that the team can put in their request anonymously suggesting any changes

· Engaging with your team on a personal and professional level such as greeting them, showing recognition and respecting inputs

2. Egotistic Builder

Ego kills teamwork. It is safe to say that there is no “I” in team. And when you put your ego in front of the team then you are placing an “I” where there should be a “we”.

This builder comes in with their own agenda. They have their vision written out and ready to go. They have no intention of hearing the input of others on the team. This builder is all about getting the credit for what they are building. Their team is not for collaboratives purposes, but to aid the builder vision. It's easy to spot this builder. They shut down suggestions during the meeting. They treat their members like managers, someone who carries out the plan that is given to them. They walk around the office with an "it's all about me" attitude.

3. Legacy Builder

A legacy builder is a person who thinks of the larger picture. They think of the growth of the company and not just their salary. They think of the whole team and not just how they will look. They are team oriented. The greatest asset about this leader is that they want others to succeed them. It bring them great joy to see their team members, mentees or leaders excel beyond their known ability and even himself. This leader push his team to not just be manager, what they are told to do, but leaders, thinking for the betterment of the team.

How Does it look?

. Giving them opportunities to take the lead project

. Openly acknowledging when the team member has done an exceptional job

. Challenging each member to not just do their best, but better than their best

.Pours into his team resources, time and money to build them up

We are all trying to build something. But the question is what are you building and what type of builder are you?

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