Timing Is Everything

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

The relationship between joy and patience

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Hello Joy Carriers!

I love when I get the opportunity to talk with you guys! It brings me joy to know that we are on this journey of reclaiming back our lives so we can live to our full potential.

So Lets talk...

Timing is everything

There are so many times that we want to move without the full understanding of why we want to move. Our eagerness to be on our way could cause us the opportunity that we have been waiting for. Some of us have waited so long to experience that true and authentic feeling of joy, happiness or peace in our life, that the moment it looks like what we believe it is, we jump. We did not question it's authenticity because we was desperate to replace the pain with something else.

Trust me, I get it. When my heart space was filled with pain from the twins all i wanted was something to replace it. I didn't care if it was a new idea or a new job, I needed something to fill the void I felt in side. I wanted a replacement.

But premature replacement can lead to unproductive repetition if patience is not embraced.

But my greatest teacher, Joy, would have it no other way.

Joy began to teach me the importance of patience. That one word that makes us feel as if we are being held back and limited in actuality is developing characteristics that will cause you thrive in life even after the disappointment.

Growing up I always heard people say that patience is a virtue. But did anyone ever took the time to look up what virtue meant? Why would they say it's a virtue. Virtue is a behavior that comes from having a high moral standard. Virtue calls you to embrace a particular principle so that it can be adopted as a habit. When the habit is perfected it causes one to engrafts it into their life, creating a lifestyle.

Patience and Joy goes hand in hand.

That outcome that you desire right now has a set timing that will foster hope and joy and not pain and hurt, but you have to allow patience to develop in you. If you can be patient with the circumstance, not only would it teach you some incredible things about yourself but in the end the reward will be great.

Ok Yall!

See y'all next time!


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