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Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Embracing what works in my life

Cornieta' Enjoy Father's Day with Brandon and Carter

Hey Joy Carriers!

I hope you had an amazing week! I am on time today! You guys are important to me so I had to get it together, haha.

I know some of you are probably wondering why I call you Joy Carriers? I will continue to call you what I see you to be, even if you dont see it.

So Lets Talk....

Timothy Keller author of Every Good Endeavor states "shame... is that sense of unease with yourself at the heart of your being".

I agree with him.

It is that feeling that makes you not comfortable with who you are as a person.

I'm convinced in my world of Cornieta's World, that The Creator did not create me to live in a place where I am warring against myself.

Shame is like a cancerous cell that proliferates into areas it was not designed to be. In the end it starts to migrate to other areas of your life causing you to shut down in your marriage, relationships, or mindset.

Shame affects your perception-- how you see yourself and others.

Shame affects your vision-- where you are going.

Oh... But what would it look like if you were unashamed of what you had been through?

What would it look like if you were unashamed of being who you were and created to be?

What would happen if you were unashamed of who or what principles you used to overcome your situation?

I was designed to adopt to my environment, having the ability to relate to those who are around me. A great entrepreneur, Paul, understood the importance of knowing your demographics. He stated "...you must become them to win them... In other words, you must be relateable in order to understand the person next to you.

I am unashamed of my Joy, my heart's adaptability to see the bigger picture behind my pain, because I was designed to be so.

I am unashamed of my joy because it tells me that my story has the ability to reach others who are going through the same thing but do not know how to move forward.

What are you ashamed of that is keeping you from being effective in your home, community or the lives of others?

This past Father's Day I celebrated like it was the only day that I would ever see. I celebrated my King and Prince in a non apologetically way because only them and my creator understood what it took to be here... writing to you from a whole place.

As a Twin Miscarriage Survivor, I get excited to tell my story because I know what helped me get through... MY JOY. I am also sensitive to the community of couples and women who have not found their voice to do so.

But I have. So I am here as remind that you can too.

Today I want you to look in the mirror and tell yourself that you were not designed to live a life full of shame... forgive yourself and anyone who has caused you to feel that way.

Look away from the mirror.

Then look back again, and embrace the new you that you will work towards becoming daily by first telling yourself that you are free from shame.

It's a daily reminder to yourself, but if you are willing to put in the work then you will walk in your freedom!

All right Ya'll

Until next time!

Cornieta Whitfield


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