Warm UP The City Tour

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Conversation with DanburyWorks Executive Team

After the launch of the Warm Up The City Interest Meeting on June 11th, Cornieta A. Whitfield, had the opportunity to sit down with DanburyWorks Executive Team an initiative with the help of United Way of Western Connecticut o express to them the vision for Warm Up The City Festival.

"It was an invigorating moment. I was nervous and excited at the same time", said Cornieta.

Cornieta had the opportunity meet with pillars of the community such as Michelle James, Director of Community Actions, who has voiced her desire to help in 2019 Warm Up The City Festival. There were others such as PJ Prunty, President and CEO, of The Greater Danbury Chambers of Commerce, who continues to commend the company for the great work that they are doing in the community.

Cornieta heading to United Way to speak to the Executive Borads

Cornieta was invited into the meeting by Sandra Ferriera, Director, DanburyWORKS Initiative at United Way of Western CT. They met at a mixer in town where Sandra was very bold in acknowledging that Cornieta and her husband, Brandon Whitfield, was the only African American in the room. Sandra who is of Columbian descent is an advocate for improving equity and quality of life in Danbury especially those among the low-income family and under represented population. She strive to have the conversation that we don't want to have-- why is there only one race or ethnicity in the room? This summer, Speak Life will collaborate with United Way to see how the low-income and underrepresented citizen can be included in the celebration we call life.

"My husband and I are use to being the only African American in the room, so when she introduced herself and made the statement, we actually looked around like... who? I believe it is a conversation we need to have. And I am glad she was bold enough to start the conversation. We wouldn't be where we are today, if she didn't. I am grateful for the budding of a great relationship that our community will benefit from", said Cornieta

The tour continues as Cornieta, continues to reach the community one by one.

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