You Reap What You Sow

The Rule That Will Produce Consistent Results

There are many things that can be inconsistent in our lives. Friendships changes. Opportunities fails. Even life takes unpredicted turns that we did not anticipate.

We are human, so we are all looking for the one thing that will produce over and over. It will bring us the joy we long for. It will increase the happiness in relationships we build. It will help us make better decisions for our lives. The feeling of stability helps us to be able to process life so much better, staying on top of our tasks and giving us the assurance that we are moving in the right direction.

Even in our inconsistency we see various laws that remains faithful to its existence. If we examine life, we can see that there are various laws that are consistent. Things that we can count on to be there. We can count on the seasons remaining consistent. We can count on the sun and moon being consistent, but these laws are not providing you a better life. However, there are laws such as The Law of Harvest, that can produce more fulfillment in your lives if you apply it.

Consistency is the key to getting results. The leader who speaks in a harsh manner to their team will eventually see the spirit of oppression beginning to be embedded in the culture of their team. The coach who is careful to encourage their athletes every time they do well will see happiness being a part of the culture. Our approach will determine whether the results stunts the growth and potentiates the growth of the culture.

What you put in is what you will get.

The Law of The Harvest is a law that I have used over and over. Its reproductive abilities is guaranteed to give you the results you desire. The law is simple. What you, no matter who you are, sow you will reap.

It’s just that simple.

I understand that agriculture is not your main source of living. But we will be surprise what we can learn from farmers across the world. You can build the people on your team, create better connections, build extraordinary relationships, and develop yourself as more likeable leader by using this simple rule.

What you sow, is what you will reap...

If you want to create a culture where people are willing to work with you then you must show that you are willing to work with them. Try offering up your time to sit with them and train them on the new technique. Try bringing in a team building coach to help create a better culture for them to work in.

If you want to become known as a leader who is compassionate then you must show compassion towards those you are leading. Encourage your team on a consistent basis to boost their attitude. Show that you care about their lives outside of work.

If you want to see yourself as more confident, start to speak positive words of affirmation every morning when you wake up. Take it a step further and start speaking these words of affirmation over your team. Build them up as much as you build yourself up

Just like any seed that is planted in the ground it takes time to see the results. An apple tree is not grown overnight, but if you take care of it, it will produce apples every season. It is the same thing with personal development, it will not happen overnight. However, if you work on it daily then you will reap the results of your labor.

If you want a different result for your life, then you must put out different efforts. Just remember you will have the team that you create and invest in.

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"The secret to creating high performers is creating a healthy cuIture"

-Cornieta A. Whitfield

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