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Cornieta And Brandon Whitfield, Authors of Interruption, are sharing their story of how they became a Twin Miscarriage Survivor using the power of their faith and will. In Interruption, you will get tools, strategies, and techniques on how to navigate through any unforeseen interruption and come out on top. On a mission to break the stigma connected to miscarriage, they are challenging others who have faced a miscarriage of a child or dream to share their story. Since the Interruption, Cornieta and Brandon have founded a non-profit organization, started a business, and continues to thrive all because they did not allow their interruption to kill the other dreams that were waiting to be manifested. You may be going through or have gone through an Interruption, but how will you come out of this winning? Let Cornieta and Brandon show you how. 

Interruption: Navigating The Detours Of Life

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